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How would you define your BRAND in three words?

Feminine, romantic, sophisticated


Where did you grow up?


I grew up in a small town in Oregon, on a little farm with my parents and three siblings where we raised chickens, gardened and rode horses in the nearby orchards and wine country. My mom taught me to sew!


Favorite childhood memory?


My favorite childhood memory is of packing picnics in our dad’s handkerchiefs and wandering out into the woods behind our property where we imagined the branches were the gates and windows of palaces, and we were princesses. We gathered leaves and flowers to put in our hair.


Drink of choice. (Alcoholic or non)

A glass of pinot noir (the local wine of the Willamette Valley, where I grew up!) or a fruit seltzer are my drinks of choice.


Coffee or Tea?


I have to choose between coffee or tea? Not sure I can! I love tea in its many forms such as the sweet, fragrant chai in India that we’d order by the roadside, served in tiny terracotta clay cups. If it’s coffee, I’ll take it strong with milk, never sweetened. Preferably sipped in a café in Paris, but I’ll gladly take it anywhere!


What is your favorite restaurant when you’re in NY for Bridal Market?


I’m a New Yorker, so I have the privilege of going out to eat in the city anytime. But last year for market, I had a marvelous meal at Naked Tomato just up the street in Hudson Yards. Run, don’t walk: if you love endless mezze plates, don’t miss it.


Favorite place you lived at?

My favorite place I’ve lived was Paris, France. I was an exchange student one summer and lived with an amazing family there. That experience shaped me into who I am today!


Where do you go to “get away” and relax?

As a mom of two little boys and a small business owner, getting away is in short supply. But when I spend a morning at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens or a long walk in Prospect Park, I feel refreshed and calm. Dream getaway? I’ll meander through Paris, shopping, eating, drinking and relaxing any day!


What is your favorite part of your studio/workspace?


I love being in front of my sewing machine in my studio. Working on prototypes for new collections and seeing my ideas come to life is so rewarding. I’ve been sewing since I was a child, and working with my hands is what really inspires me and gets my creativity flowing. As the machine whirs along, my mind wanders and new ideas evolve.


What is your favorite thing about the bridal industry?


I love that wedding veils have the power to transform a white dress into a wedding gown, and a person into a bride. And I love being there for that transformation. Though wedding veils have a long history, today they are a timeless accessory used to express the bride’s individuality and personal style. For me, working with my clients on their veils means I get to spend time getting to know them, their style and how they want to feel on their big day. There are so many emotions on the wedding planning journey, so being able to slow down and connect with my clients has become my favorite thing.


Whats one thing about the bridal industry that makes you angry?

One things about the bridal industry that frustrates me the demand for flawless perfection, especially when it comes to gowns and accessories. I don’t mean that brides should be ok with an ill-fitting dress or ripped veil…never! But a tiny fabric flaw in the hem of a skirt or veil, for example, is not noticeable to the photographer or any guests. The demand for that level of perfection is environmentally unsustainable and unrealistic. Many fine fabrics such as silk have inherent qualities that make them unique, not faulty. As an industry, we need to help educate brides on what is reasonable and sustainable.


What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received?


A bride and her mother told me that “designing my veil with you has been the best part of wedding planning!”


What makes you smile the most?

Getting a photo gallery from a past bride or client makes me smile the most! Seeing the joy on the faces of the couple and knowing that I helped the bride with her dream veil just makes me so happy.


What’s a must-have wedding day item everyone should have?


Your wedding day must-have is an accessory of any kind. A veil or chiffon “wings”, a pearl hair slide or a flower choker. This is the bride’s day to go all out and to have fun with fashion. A look is not complete until you have a veil or something to adorn your hair. I always remind my brides that all of these elements look smaller in the photographs, and they’ll never regret wearing them!


What’s a bridal trend you would like to see disappear forever?

The garter. I would love to see the garter disappear forever and I wouldn’t shed a tear!


When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up?


First, I thought I wanted to be a pastry chef, creating towering wedding cakes covered in frilly piped frosting. Then I sewed my prom dress in high school and everything changed. I had always loved clothes, but sewing a formal dress was transformative for me….bringing fantasy to life! The most gorgeous fabrics were the only thing I wanted to work with after that.


Bridal Aesthetics- Rhinestones or pearls?


Ok, BOTH. But in this collection we are going full mermaid core and it’s all about the pearls!


Bridal Aesthetics- Traditional or Alternative?


Alternative-ish. I love updating classics, like pushing the traditional lace veil out of the box by using unexpected lace or appliques.


Bridal Aesthetics-Veil or Headpiece?


Both! Go big or go home. You can wear them together down the aisle, and then the headpiece for the rest of the night!


Bridal Aesthetics- Lace or satin?

Satin! We have some amazing silk satin bows this season.


Celeste’s beautiful collection of accessories range from $295-$1300


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