Edith Élan is an independent bridal designer based in Charleston, SC. When it comes to designing, our wedding dresses, bridal jumpsuits, and accessories are a reflection of our creative soul. We look to the past for inspiration. We create looks that speak to modern brides searching for a timeless, chic, and personal style to wear on their wedding day. And of course, we strive to create timeless bridal styles where each is a perfect blend of modern and vintage. 

We value inclusivity, giving back to our community, and creating high-quality products through ethical production practices. Our size-inclusive bridalwear is available in sizes 2-30. And, every piece is designed and made with love in the United States.


timeless, chic, unique

What inspired you to start your business?

Edith Élan started as a dream in 2008 during college. It was simply a “one day” statement between myself and one of my best friends (Gretchen) that became reality in 2014. Before launching the brand, we both held various positions in the fashion industry. Those invaluable and hands-on experiences, along with our unique design aesthetics, became the foundations for the brand.

When Edith Élan was first created, we decided we were going to focus on bridal because we’d both had experience in bridal. Also, at that time, we weren’t seeing any styles that stood out that had that modern-meets-vintage aethestic.

The name itself is an homage to the place where the dream started, and to an extraordinary woman who, in her own right, was a pioneer in her field. The name “Edith Élan” is also a reflection of our brides. We create for the bride with élan.

In 2021, I took over as Owner and Creative Director of Edith Élan. And have moved the company from Chicago, IL to Charleston, SC. When I think about the future of EÉ, designs will for sure still have that vintage vibe they’ve always been recognized for. I’m still going to look to the past for silhouette and design detail inspiration. But, you’ll see a little more clean lines in the collections, which is just me interjecting more of my ‘laid-back-SoCal’ style.

What would you consider the most unique aspect about your brand?

The modern-meet-vintage aesthetic of EÉ designs. It takes time and thoughtful creativity to find that perfect balance because that perfect balance is what makes them timeless!


It’s me, Lourdes! (She/her/hers/ella) I am the woman behind the brand! And also the one behind the screen, the sewing machine, the phone, etc. It’s very much a one-woman show right now. But, I do outsource what I can’t do in house/am not good at/don’t have time for. Things like pattern grading and intricate embroideries. That said, if I need to outsource, I make sure that any business I am partnering with also follows ethical production practices. Otherwise, it’s a no go.

I do have a “coworker.” My cat, Mykie. He helps me when I need a little encouragement or stress relief. I just can’t be frustrated when loving on him! Although, when he’s not napping (which is like 5% of the time) he wants my full attention and will try to distract me. More often than not, he’s successful at pulling me away from my task at hand for some pets. But, can you blame me? I mean, if you go on the website, tell me you can say no to that cute little face. I dare you!

Spill the details about your design process?

It usually always starts with one source of inspiration (a video, a work of art, a photo, etc.) Then, I jump on Pinterest to collect images and create an inspiration board that will help guide me when it comes to sketching, fabric choice, and trim placement. The inspiration usually finds its way to me. Some of my favorite inspirations have been the art installation “Intersections” by Anila Quayyum Agha that inspired the 2018 collection, and the modern pointillism work by Japanese artist Yukimi Imai that inspired the 2020 collection.

How and where are your collections produced?

EÉ designs are made using imported fabrics and trims from all over the world. We also work with an amazing embroidery team in India to create the intricate embroideries.

But at the end of the day, every bridal gown, jumpsuit, and accessory is made with love at our studio in Charleston, South Carolina. This is where we cut and sew the fabrics together. And where the final checks are made before the pieces head out to their new homes.

What is your best seller to date? 

It’d be a three-way tie between Milly, Iset, and Isolde. They all have a similarities in terms of their style even though their silhouettes are so different. They’re all simple silhouettes with undeniably unique details! And of course, they’re just timeless!
Milly (from the 2020 collection) is a fit-and-flare crepe wedding gown with these voluminous sleeves. There’s delicate beading on the sleeves, cuffs, and bodice for a little extra oomph. The faux-wrap bodice creates the illusion of a snatched waistline without a corset.
Iset (from the 2018 collection) is a simple, column silhouette wedding dress in charmeuse. Or at least that’s what she looks like from the front. But, if you look carefully at the neckline, there’s two rows of micro pearls at the bottom of the v that tie into the pearl buttons down the back. And then, there’s the back! She’s got this illusion back that is beaded with this custom-made motif. It’s just enough sparkle!
Isolde is a discontinued style. However, she did well because she was a simple crepe a-line wedding gown. The straps of the v-neck also met in a v at the back, which is where crystal trim was placed. And even though she’s now discontinued, I plan on bringing her back in an updated version!

What is the inspiration behind your newest collection?

Line art! I love how the simplicity of the art can evoke so much emotion.

What kind of materials should we expect to see in this new collection?

Maybe some new jacquards. But definitely some new embroideries!

What do you love most about what you do?

Creating bridal looks that let a bride express her personal style! I’m a firm believer in having a creative outlet. In my case, it just so happens to also be my job. I love that I can have this vision in my head as to what I want something to look like, and then watch it evolve into a 3D garment. I’m also a firm believer/advocate of being true to who you are and your style. If you don’t want to follow bridal trends or wear a poofy “princess-y” dress on your wedding, don’t!

What is your favorite memory/experience you’ve had involving your brand?

Bridal market! For as much work as it takes to get there, it’s so rewarding to see it all come together. Plus, that’s when I get to see most of my industry friends!!!

What is something you wish you knew when you started your line?

Don’t play the comparison game!


Charleston, SC

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Edith Élan’s beautiful collection ranges from $1800-$4000.