Empowering our brides so they feel effortless and romantic while letting their inner beauty and self shine.
Launched in 2018, Hyacinth specializes in romantic wedding dresses for women who are the heroine of their own story.


Effortless, Romantic, Uncomplicated

What inspired you to start your business?

I’ve sewn since I was a little girl, my grandma teaching me during the summers I would spend with her. It was something that she and I did together that made me feel so loved and close to her. Carefully cutting patterns and putting together pieces by hand, learning and creating with her always made me feel like I was a part of something special.
When I was older I found myself in a very unhealthy relationship where I felt completely lost. I would lose myself in books that had happy, romantic storylines and started creating what I thought these women, who I envied so much for the love they had, would wear when they married their true love. I started designing for brides as a way of escape, and to allow myself to imagine what it would be like to feel loved.
Thankfully, I realized that I deserved better and that I had the strength to leave, which opened my life to finding my own soulmate and I am now happily married with an amazing family.
I ditched the fantasy and need to escape, but never stopped loving designing wedding dresses. Now I design wedding dresses to make every woman feel like the heroine of her own love story – confident, beautiful, and adored – everything a bride should feel on her special day.

What would you consider the most unique aspect about your brand?

We are fully designed and created in South Dakota, and truly take pride in that. We love working one on one with our boutiques to give them what they need and love the fact that we are small.


Right now, its just me. I’m looking to grow my team, but right now all pieces are fully made and created by me right here in the studio.

How and where are your collections produced?

Each and every one of our dresses is created, start to finish, in our South Dakota studio by our small team. We value our ability to create ethically and sustainably while also maintaining high quality standards.

What is your best seller to date? 

Ivy, hands down. It hugs the curves just right, has the perfect train and those off the shoulder straps are just delicate enough that it makes you feel entirely beautiful.

What is the inspiration behind your newest collection?

My newest collection is really inspired by my own personal journey to self discovery. Its a little nod to finding myself, realizing why I truly do what I do, and pulling me back to what I love most.

What kind of materials should we expect to see in this new collection?

Beautiful laces, duchess satin, and my favorite crepe.

What do you love most about what you do?

That I play a little part in a person feeling loved and beautiful on one of the most important days of their life. Its humbling that of all the dresses they could choose from, that yours aligns so perfectly with them.

What is your favorite memory/experience you’ve had involving your brand?

I would have to say photographing our lookbooks. I love the time with some of my favorite industry people, bringing the vision to life and how it always revives my passion in both a personal and professional way.

What is something you wish you knew when you started your line?

That its more important to be you than trying to be what you think people want you to be.


South Dakota

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Hyacinth Bridals’s beautiful collection ranges from $2,200-$3,500.