joanna bisley designs


The essence of the Joanna Bisley Designs brand is to design ultra – romantic, heirloom quality designs that will be coveted for a lifetime. A wedding is an important family tradition that creates memories that last long after the special day. My goal is to a make a cherished family treasure that will be handed down from generation to generation to help keep those memories alive.


Ultra-Romantic, Timeless, Heirlooms

What inspired you to start your business?

I had an obsession for jewelry since I was around eight and my class went on a school field trip to see the Crown Jewels in England (I was born in England and moved to Canada in early teens). I remember the day so clearly I just stood in front of them looking at all the details and thinking how could anyone make anything so impossibly beautiful!

Ultimately I followed in my fathers footsteps and worked in the film industry in Vancouver BC for nearly 14 years in post production and visual effects. I was in need for a creative outlet of my own and purchased a few packages of seed and glass beads and started stranding. I was hooked!

My passion for jewelry became an obsession and I was literally making designs in my dreams and then bringing to life during the day. I worked both as a jewelry designer and in my day job for a couple of years but after my second maternity leave I went fulltime with my business and never looked back.

Initially I created gemstone and everyday wear jewelry but in 2011 I started to get custom requests by brides and a bridal boutique saw them and asked me to create a collection for them. Bridal Accessories have been my focus and passion now for over 10 years and simply could not imagine doing anything else. My bridal retailers and brides mean everything to me.

What would you consider the most unique aspect about your brand?

The most unique aspect of my brand the ability to have pieces customized for the bride.


I am the Designer and Owner of Joanna Bisley Designs. I have a two highly skilled artisans that work either part time or full time depending on the time of year who reproduce the designs.

Spill the details about your design process?

My materials often start the design process. I like to layout materials of different textures, shapes, sizing and colors which can often create unexpected looks that I would not have been able imagine if I was to sketch out first. I do design things in my dreams which sounds a little out there but I am sure other designers totally get it!

How and where are your collections produced?

All my designs are designed and produced in my small studio in Calgary, Canada with myself and two highly skilled artisans.

What is your best seller to date? 

Every season there are a different set of best sellers but this year it is has been my “Meg” Flower earrings. Brides have told me they are feeling a little more adventurous after dealing with the challenges of the pandemic and are stepping out of their comfort zones. These earrings are ideal as they frame the face in the most delicate and romantic way with just the right amount of sparkle.

What is the inspiration behind your newest collection?

All things floral!

What kind of materials should we expect to see in this new collection?

Swarovski Crystals and Pearls, Clay Florals, Preciosa Crystals, Goldfill and Sterling Silver metals.

What do you love most about what you do?

There are two things I love most about what I do and that is designing and collaborating with my retailers and brides.

What is your favorite memory/experience you’ve had involving your brand?

My favorite memories are doing in person trunk shows with my retailers and their brides. There is nothing more heartwarming than meeting the bride and their family and friends. I love to hear about how they couple met and their wedding plans.

What is something you wish you knew when you started your line?

I wish I knew I had the ability to start my line when I was much younger. It took me until 40 to start my business. It really is never to late to follow your dreams!