secret garden collection

Barbara Kavchok


Secret Garden Fall 2022 Collection draws from nature, movement and mystery. Barbara was really inspired with optimism and hope emerging from a dark time. The light and airy styles, floral elements and ruffles are some of the details expressing this feeling. Of course Barbara loves to throw in a good juxtaposition in every collection. The structured Mikado and Bengaline styles have a mysteriously retro quality that are still quite feminine but keep you intrigued. Olive 2.0 is a new take on a the original Olive style which was a very big hit in the previous collection. Romeo is a favorite in the Collection too. She is shirred tulle over boldly spray painted organza and hand painted embroidery. The color is muted when the dress is still but then is revealed when in motion. Color is a major part of this collection, whether hand painted flowers on organza and embroidery or even spray painted Ombre’ directly onto fabrics. While these styles have a very sweet and feminine quality, there is nothing ordinary about them.



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701 W. Broad Street

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Barbara Kavchok’s Secret Garden Fall 2022 collection ranges from $1300-1700.