Sober, sophisticated, modern, comfortable, rock, poetic. The identity of Aurélia Hoang wedding dresses is meant to be without frills and with style. The house’s original creations instill an attitude that is both casual and elegant.

The pieces, far from being identical, allow each woman to find the outfit that really suits her, in which she will be able to express her personality. It is the DNA of the brand, recognizable, that brings out the singularity of the bride.

The woman Aurélia Hoang respects traditions but frees herself from codes if they do not correspond to her. She is free from her thoughts, free to express herself, free to wear two outfits, long or short, both at the same time, a veil, a hat, high heels or sandals. She is modern, independent. Her fashion sensitivity is present. She is authentic, soft, radiant, offbeat, assumed, sensual, rebellious, natural. She wants to dare! She wants to shout her love and vibrate!

“To be always creative, to renew myself. This is the essence of my work as a fashion stylist. I seek values and a meaning to my creations.” Aurélia Hoang likes to sublimate the body through simple lines, playing with textures, materials, elegant and striking details. Sophistication is a signature of the collections, with a touch of audacity. Dare with the gentle way, stand out without bling bling. It is all in her own identity, not a question of appearance, but indeed of the expression of her vision, of what is inside of us.

Concerned and amazed by the French know-how, it was obvious that all Aurélia Hoang models were made in France. In this approach, the production and alterations were done in workshop, by expert hands, which make each dress a unique piece. Special care is given to the finishes, to the haute-couture details. Aurélia keeps an eye on each step and can thus better accompany each woman, each boutique in the concretization of the wedding dress.

Moreover, since her installation in Toronto in 2019, Aurélia now offers Canadian manufacturing, with her expertise and craftsmanship. Exclusively, she continues to work with her French and Belgian suppliers and imports her European noble materials to dress her international brides.

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