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Introducing a modern line of jewelry pieces that beautifully blends minimalist style with timeless elegance. Sugarcane & Co. is a line of bridal jewelry, accessories, and veils created by Sameeha Patel. Each piece is thoughtfully created not only to enhance your wedding day but also to seamlessly accompany you through many cherished moments. This collection embodies the essence of modern contemporary design with a sense of refinement and understated elegance. The designs are purposefully conceptualized to grace your wedding day and beyond.

A significant portion of the collection comes to life in an Ottawa-based studio, as each piece is meticulously handmade to order. Drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of Sameeha’s Indian culture and infused with the allure of modern minimalism, the creations showcase the vibrant experiences we’ve embraced. A delicate and minimal aesthetic can be seen in each piece.

Sameeha started creating pieces with her sister as a hobby in 2013 when she was planning her own wedding. She designed and created her wedding outfits and jewelry for her multiple Indian wedding events, and this experience inspired her to launch a bridal jewelry and accessories line in 2017. Since then, Sugarcane & Co. has been featured in many publications across North America.

The name Sugarcane pays homage to the very street where this incredible journey began, and is also a heartfelt nod to Sameeha’s Indian heritage, infusing her love for modern design with a touch of familial warmth and reverence.

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