Market Pamphlets

Make your brand stand out in our NYBM market pamphlet.

All attendees will receive a NYBM pamphlet when they check in at registration. The pamphlet will contain a map, designer directory, sponsors, and advertisements from participating designers.

Advertisements can be either a half of a page or a full page:

  • 1/2 Page: 5.5″ Wide x 4.25″ Tall
    • WITH BLEEDS 5.625″ W x 4.325 T
  • Full Page: 5.5″ Wide x 8.5″ Tall
    • WITH BLEEDS: 5.625″ W x 8.625″ T


Advertisements can have logos/text as shown on the examples. Designers can either provide artwork themselves or work with HB to create. All artwork must be submitted AFTER payment is submitted to Artwork must be sent as a JPEG or PNG file. Please no PDFs. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR ADVERTISEMENT HAS A 0.25″ MARGIN FOR PRINTING PURPOSES. IF NOT, YOU WILL RISK YOUR ADVERTISEMENT TO PRINTED INCORRECTLY OR YOUR TEXT TO BE CUT OFF.

Take a look at our 2022 NYBM Pamphlet here.


Sold By: Horizon Bridal